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Are Cavities Inevitable?

The fight against tooth decay can seem like an uphill battle for many. Often, it is an uphill battle for those who have fallen behind on their oral hygiene. Once cavities gain a foothold it can mean a lifetime of fighting them. If you can manage to prevent cavities in your child’s mouth by using good oral health practices they will be able to continue the positive dental care for the rest of their life!

If your child has already had a cavity, there is a good chance that they will have more. Once the conditions that are favorable for cavities, they manifest themselves and gain presence in a mouth - those conditions are there to stay. 

How to Prevent Cavities

At Tooth Berry Kids Dental, our goal is to help you prevent even one cavity from ever forming in your child’s mouth. There are two things we highly recommend for success in your child’s fight against cavities – a great at-home oral health routine, and regular visits to our office for exams and cleanings.

Your child’s oral health begins very early. We suggest that you bring your baby to see us as soon as any eruption happens. We can give you plenty of tips and pointers that will help keep you ahead of the game on their oral health.

Generally, we recommend cleaning your baby’s teeth and gums with a wet cloth if no teeth have erupted. Not only does this get them used to the sensation of having their teeth brushed but it removes the bacteria that causes cavities. 

Be Observant

Make a habit of checking your child’s mouth for signs and symptoms of cavities and plaque. Keep a lookout for white spots along the gum line as they can be indicators that cavities are forming within the mouth. If caught early enough we can help to stem the growth of cavities. 

We have a few different ways to treat tooth decay before it turns into a full cavity. Often we will administer fluoride or other mouth rinses to help strengthen teeth. 

To check for plaque, gently scrap your fingernail along the surface of their teeth. If a soft, sticky film is covering the teeth you know that they have some plaque build-up. This is probably due to ineffective brushing and flossing techniques. Try increasing the frequency of your child’s brushing and flossing routine. If plaque is present in their mouth they stand a much greater risk of forming cavities.


The best way to stop cavities is through prevention. What is the best way to prevent cavities? A solid oral health routine coupled with regular trips to Tooth Berry Kids Dental. Making sure your kids have a healthy diet. Sugar creates a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes plaque and leads to cavities. Keep sweet drinks and snacks to a minimum. Help them in the fight against cavities!

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