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New Patients

Dr. Eman Ghoneim and the dental team at Tooth Berry Kids Dental welcome you as a new patient! 

Our office is designed with your child in mind. At your first visit, we ask that you inform us of any information that may be important to better understand your child. This may include:

• Any medical issues: This includes health problems, including any medications taken, along with physical or intellectual delays. At Tooth Berry Kids Dental, we want to be able to offer your child the best care to meet their needs, and we will individualize that care as appropriate for your child.

• Fears: It is important to us that your child develops a positive image of dentistry, this will impact your childs future relationship with dentist visits. Please let us know how we can better help your child feel comfortable at our office.

• Any previous dental issues: Please let us know of any pertinent information regarding your childs dental health so that we may better serve your child.

We offer comprehensive exams to our new patients, allowing us to get better acquainted with your child’s teeth. 

What is a comprehensive exam?

Comprehensive exams are common in new patients. Even if you are coming from another dentist, we will take this opportunity to perform a thorough check of your child's entire oral cavity. Our exams include:

• Digital x-rays: this allows Dr. Eman Ghoneim to see what she can not see through visual inspection. We will take note of permanent teeth that have not yet erupted and their positioning, search for decay and any other potential hazards.

• Visual Inspection: Using a mirror and probe, Dr. Eman Ghoneim will examine the teeth and supporting tissue for indications of disease or plaque buildup. She will look for cracks or fractures in the teeth and anything out of the ordinary.

• Head and Neck: Dr. Eman Ghoneim will examine your childs head and neck for anything out of the ordinary. Bumps, growths, or jaw alignment, may be indications of something to examine for more information.


How can I prepare my child for a trip to the dentist?

You can help your child and our office by setting a positive role in dental health. We like for our parents to let their children see them brushing and caring for their own teeth. Express the importance of keeping teeth clean, both through daily hygiene and through making good food choices. Let your child know that attending dental appointments is part of keeping their teeth healthy, and that it is something that you also do. Before coming to our office, prepare your child with information about what we do. We will try to use clear information about our techniques with your child and ask that you also present clear information. Fear comes from the unknown, so we believe in giving your child a lot of information and education. Together, we can set your child on a path of dental health, and that impression will last them a lifetime.


• New Patient Forms

• Dental FAQs

• Dental Emergencies


Reducing Children's Anxiety Can Start With You

We advice parents to accompany children during procedures. Parents can influence children's behavior in many ways, parents who have had negative experiences may transmit their fears and anxiety onto their child. We recommend consulting with the staff and dentist with any concerns.

Positive attitude towards oral health care may lead to the early establishment of dental hygiene. Early prevention care leads to less dental complications, and fewer appointment for a possibility of a negative experience. See our terminology guide to help create a child-friendly dental bond with your child.

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