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Thumb Sucking

Some children develop habits of thumb sucking. It can be associated to different things like hunger, sleepiness and teething for infants and boredom, stress and anxiety for bigger children. If not corrected early, it can cause negative effects.

Possible effects are as follows:

The jawbone will reshape since infant/children bones are still soft and flexible.

The teeth will be misaligned (upper & lower set).

The worst is the improper growth of the palate because it can cause several other problems like:

  • Chewing problems

  • Speech problems

  • Snoring

  • Bite problems (overbite or underbite)

  • Bacteria accumulating on the wet finger causing infection

  • Bone deformities


Tooth Berry Kids Dental offers Thumb sucking Appliance to help

eliminate thumb sucking as soon as the first day.


We smile when you smile.

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