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Knocked- Out Tooth

Baby Tooth 
If your child knocks out a baby tooth (primary tooth) please call us as soon as possible.

In preparation to our office:

-Retrieve the tooth and place it in a container filled with milk or salt/water solution. 
-Do not scrub or over-handle any tooth that has been knocked out! Care should be taken to handle the tooth as little as possible. Rubbing, scrubbing, and over-handling can damage the tooth and should be avoided.

After we are able to examine the patient's tooth and mouth, we will be able to better determine what our course of action will be. Yes, baby teeth are temporary and will come out eventually, but depending on whether the tooth can be salvaged and how long it will be until the adult tooth is expected to replace it, we may be able to save it.

Adult tooth 
While we ask that you place a baby tooth in milk or salt water, we would prefer that if your child (or you) knocks out an adult tooth be placed back into the mouth. The best way to deal with a knocked-out adult tooth would be to retrieve it by the crown (biting portion) of the tooth, rinse with water carefully and insert it back into the socket. 

If unable to, place it into a container of milk or salt water and come to our office.

Broken/Chipped Tooth

If you can manage to find the piece of broken tooth, place it in a wet cloth and bring it with you to our office. Have your child rinse out their mouth with water and try to give them a cold compress to hold on their cheek. This will help with swelling.

Bitten Lip or Tongue

Some bites can be nasty! The best thing to do is treat the bite like you would a normal cut. Rinse the wound with water to ensure any particulate matter is removed and apply light pressure to the area. The application of a cold compress is a great way to keep swelling down. If the area is bleeding profusely or does not stop bleeding in a short period of time, please come to see us or bring your child to the emergency room.


In the event of a toothache make sure to have your child rinse out their mouth with warm salt water. Continue with their normal oral hygiene routine and make an appointment to come in and see us as soon as possible so that we can address the issue directly. Painkillers are acceptable as long as the instructions are closely followed.

If your child has a dental emergency, please call us immediately at (916) 926-0001 or head to the emergency room! 

We care deeply about your kids health and will make sure to make time for you and your family.

Dental Emergencies for Kids

Emergencies are unpredictable and stressful. If your child has an indecent involving their teeth, please give us a call right away at (916) 926-0001 and we will arrange to see them as soon as possible. 

Would you like to schedule an appointment?
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