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Dentistry for Kids

Kid's teeth need dental care, just like grown-up teeth. Regular exams by a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist can help to identify any abnormalities in your child's oral development, and can minimize the impact of decay on your child's health by catching cavities early. Coming in for professional cleanings are not just about helping your child have shiny clean teeth, they are also very important in educating your child on proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Not sure your little one is ready for a full dental visit? 

Call us to schedule a "Happy Visit"! This involves a tour of the whole office with one of our friendly dental assistants, meeting Dr. Eman Ghoneim, and learning about the different dental instruments that we use.

Such as "Super Hero Brush" or "Mr. Thirsty". - See terminology 


Kids' Corner

Everyone smiles in the same language.


Less drilling and filling


No toothaches


Healthier and happier children


Less bills for parents.​

Better looking smiles

Official membership perks!

We smile when you smile.

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